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Ani Kyd Wolf has been a gluten-free vegan for over 10 years. She has attended culinary school, understands complex flavouring, and loves creating new vegan dishes.

She is a motorcycle enthusiasts, lover of good food, and a very adventurous individual.

In this series she travels the world with various meat loving guests


The Show

Ani and a meat loving guest host ride around on motorcycles to various cities tasting new and exciting vegan foods and learning about the vegan lifestyle

Why Vegan?

In these times people are very interested in lifestyle and health changes. There are huge  health benefits of a plant based diet 

The Hosts

Each episode will consist of Ani and a different meat eating celebrity second rider.


We are excited to announce that production will begin in 2020. The first season will be shot in the USA. Look for us on the road!!

official trailer

from Vancouver to Portland!